Introductions, Hi!

Hello blogging world. I really like anything to do with beauty, traveling, music, and food. In a perfect world, my job would consist of being able to be involved with all four of those things. Anyways, this post is going to be an introduction in the form of a list, enjoy!

  1. I turn 20 in a month and that is crazy to me.
  2. Dance has shaped me to be the person I am today because being involved with something for 16 years of your life will do that.
  3. I go to the University of Utah and entering my junior year (Still scared).
  4. I want to live in London when I am older.
  5. Music is one thing that I am most passionate about.
  6. My music taste ranges from One Direction to Keith Urban to Ed Sheeran to Blink 182 to Vance Joy to The Rolling Stones…the list goes on. 
  7. I have the travel bug and it is unfortunate since I am in college and have no money.
  8. Same goes with being in love with going to concerts…no money, more problems. 
  9. I admit that I love watching reality television shows…bad habit. 
  10. Seattle, WA is my favorite place to be. 
  11. I work at a bakery called So Cupcake.
  12. Singing is something I thoroughly enjoy even though I probably suck.
  13. I want to start vlogging, so I can always look back at fun days.

I really enjoy writing and sharing my opinions, so what better way to share them than blogging? 

 As Always, Allie



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