Passion, what’s yours?

After 155 days of nothing, I’m posting again. Enjoy.

So I’m sitting here lying in bed thinking about life and how absolutely precious it is. Where would I be without my family and friends? Where would I be without my one true passion in life which is dance? I know for a fact I would be a completely different person if it weren’t for dance and the 17 years of my life that I dedicated to it. I used to dance every day, but I haven’t done that for about 3 years now and I’m different. I’m not as organized as I once was, I tend to forget things easily, and I don’t think I’m as happy as I used to be. I lost my passion because I let it slip, it’s not like I was told I couldn’t do it anymore. I made the decision not to move to LA for a performing arts college because of how shy I am and I didn’t think I would make it out there alone. Three years later and I would do anything to go back in time and move to LA. To embark on that journey of reaching my goals of becoming a professional dancer, to grow as a person, and meet new people. Sure, I’ve met new people at college and my sorority, but I can only imagine the people I’d meet in LA and how culturally different they would be from me. I want to feel the joy of having blisters on my feet from dancing for 8 straight hours and being so excited to do it again the next day. I want to feel like I am beautiful and meant to do something meaningful in my life. There are so many things I wanted to do, but I let it slip because I doubted myself and my potential.

Bottom line is that you should always choose the thing that you have the most passion for as it is what makes you happy. Life is far too short to do anything other than that.

As always, Allie


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