My Dream Job

Recently, my friends and family have been asking me why I want to work in the entertainment industry. It’s so hard not to get frustrated when they ask because I have answered the specific question multiple times. Instead of having to tell somebody why I love the entertainment industry, I have chosen to write down my reasoning.

So, without further ado, here it is.

Do you ever feel so connected to something and you know without a doubt it is something you want to do as a career? Some people know they want to be doctors, teachers, accountants, so why does it seem weird for me to want to work in a field I know I want to be a part of? I like knowing what is required to make a film or even a television show. How does casting work, what cameras are being used, how do certain songs get chosen to be in the movies, and so many other questions similar to those go through my head. I want to be able to get answers to all of those questions and in the process, learn how do them myself or at least help with them.

Ever since I was in junior high, I would watch the award season for films and music religiously. I would go to as many movies and concerts as I could because I am so enamored    with them. Growing up about 20 minutes away from Park City had its benefits and the biggest one was the Sundance Film Festival. It is so fun to be up there with the atmosphere and just hoping to see your favorite actor, actress, directors, and maybe even a musician. It’s more than seeing celebrities though and I learned that first hand during the 2017 festival.

This year, I applied to volunteer at the festival and there are thousands of applicants every year and with more experience than me, so I wasn’t thinking I would get chosen to help. Turns out I was right and I didn’t get chosen. Of course,It I was sad because I knew this would be such an amazing experience, but I could still drive up there and see movies, exhibits, panels, etc… A couple of weeks went by after the initial rejection email and I received a missed call and voicemail from a man named Brian, who worked with the festival in the volunteer department. I immediately returned his call and he told me they had an opening in the New Frontier VR Palace. I was not familiar with the exhibit and I initially applied to help with Press & Media, but I was not about to say no to this once in a life time second chance.

The New Frontier VR Palace was something new the festival was doing this year and it was a tent full of new virtual reality pieces I had to learn about to be able to help festival goers with. The first day of my volunteering experience was strictly for press and media. I was in heaven knowing that there were so many influential people around me every where I looked. I met directors, producers, artists, journalists, engineers, and the list goes on. It was so inspiring to meet all of these people because I felt like what I wanted to achieve was actually attainable. They all started out at the bottom, but my first step was helping with the festival.

I got sidetracked and I apologize for that, but I am so passionate about this industry and what it can do for people that I could keep writing about my experience at Sundance. I’m not going to or I might write a separate piece on it, but bottom line is I am inspired by the entertainment industry. I was volunteering the day of Trumps inauguration and I had no idea what was going on with it because the focus was not on politics, but on art and how it can impact people and what it is doing for our future. I WAS BLOWN AWAY BY THAT. Nobody once mentioned what was happening on that day because they were all focused on creating art for others to enjoy.

I want to work in the entertainment industry because it gives me chills, inspires me to live my dreams, and everybody is so talented.

As Always,



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