You’re Not That Hot

Like most 21 year olds, I have used Bumble and Tinder because I find them funny and I like to see who is using it as well. Most of the time, I don’t even talk to my matches and I have only met one guy off of there in person. There are so many articles out there about these dating apps and what has happened to people who use them, but I couldn’t not share what happened to me recently…it’s appalling and I actually find it funny now.

So without further ado, here is why I finally deleted the apps that are a waste of time.

Memorial Day 2017:

So I matched with the guy on bumble, Mario, who looked like he played basketball in Italy two days before Memorial Day. My initial thoughts were, “Why is this guy in Salt Lake City, Utah?”. Cue the internet stalking. He had a picture that showed his jersey number, so I took to Google and it took me like two minutes to see that there was a guy named Mario who played basketball in Italy and his Instagram showed that he was in Utah…Cool, except for the fact his name is Matthew and his middle name is Mario. I get it, you play basketball in Italy, have to make yourself seem cooler than you actually are.

Long story short, I started a conversation that started out like, “You a big wine guy?” (He had a pic of a huge glass of wine). Two messages later he said, “You wanna hang?” That should have been my red flag because I literally said two things. Anyways, I was bored and gave him my number and we added each other on Snapchat. Didn’t really talk to much until Memorial Day and I was drinking with my friends and I decided to text him, but my friend was actually sending the messages. He asked for a picture and my friend and I were both like, “Ew, no. What an asshole.” He said he just wanted a normal pic, so I was like, “Okay, I’ll take a Snapchat with my friend in it.” Done deal, took a picture with my friend in it and we sent it to him. Not even two seconds later, he messaged me on Snapchat and said, “Who is your friend?” and then texted me the same thing with, “Sorry, you are very pretty. Your friend might be my wife tho.” I WAS SCREAMING. Sure, my confidence was shot, but I literally could not believe he said that. My friend who was in the picture was appalled and texted him back saying, “Sorry, she swings for the other team.” He replied with, “Really? I doubt that.” (At this point my two friends are in full control of my phone) they then reply with, “Haha yeah…you’re a waste of space anyways✌🏻” He never replied and I deleted his number and blocked him on Snapchat. The best part is, my friend who was in the picture with me got a request from him on Instagram and he literally had to go through my pictures to find her. It’s May and the last picture I have with her in it is from December. He was not hot enough to act that way and I literally could not believe that just happened.

What makes guys think it is okay to actually say that to a woman? I live in Salt Lake and I’ll be honest when I say that there are some extremely good looking guys here, but I have never been talked to like that. Guys I know are more attractive than this guy and I know they would never say something like that to a girl. He obviously thinks he can do something like that because he plays basketball in Italy. News flash, Mario, you could not make it in the NBA, which is what all college basketball players wish to be in, so please don’t act like you are the hottest thing bestowed on this earth for women. You would be extremely lucky to hang out with me because I’m independent, nice, funny, pretty, and know how to stick up for myself when it’s worth my time. Matt Mario Carlino, you are not worth my time and if my friends weren’t so upset about what you said, you would not have even gotten another word from me because you didn’t deserve it. Even if you were Prince Harry, I would have acted the same way. But if we’re being honest, Prince Harry might have the right to say something like that, but I’m sure he wouldn’t because he respects women and is a true gentlemen.

That’s what I hate about Tinder and Bumble. You hope that there are some nice guys on there and maybe at first they are nice, but then BOOM, they turn out to be horrible guys who need to grow up. I deleted the apps because it is an extremely vain concept and I am not that type of person.

To all girls/guys out there using those apps, do yourself a favor and never match with some douche who plays basketball (or really any sport) because they think they are a gift, but they aren’t. And shout out to Matt because I think this is a funny thing to write about and I believe it makes for good content.

As Always,



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