Why I’ll Watch “To The Bone”

So I’m sitting at work and just read a Buzzfeed article regarding a new movie trailer for, “To The Bone” that was released on Netflix. I have never dealt with an eating disorder or really known anyone who has, but I have seen this movie and I can tell you it does not ‘romanticize’ anorexia. I volunteered at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival and while I was there, I met Marti Noxon and she was so passionate about this movie and it was an incredible experience to talk to her about the film. The day I saw the movie, it had just been bought by Netflix and she came and did a Q&A with audience after the film ended. She is so passionate about this film and I think at one point she started crying talking about the film and how it relates to her experiences when suffering from anorexia.

The film is witty, serious, complicated, dramatic, but overall it is an exceptionally well written story of a girl who continuously struggles with an eating disorder and the ways she tries to overcome it. The movie does not make being anorexic look fun or desirable, but it does  show how it affects not just the person suffering from the disorder, but the people around them as well. It makes you cry, laugh, think, and honestly, what more could you want from a movie? There is even some romance in there that will make you fall in love with Alex Sharp, who plays Luke. (He was my new crush after seeing the movie).

Anyways, I read the Buzzfeed article and I felt so compelled to just talk about this film. 13 Reasons Why is a completely different subject in my opinion and should not be compared to this movie. Marti Noxon did not make this film for Netflix, but Netflix happens to be the company who bought the movie. If people do not want to watch this movie because they think it will encourage people to possibly have an eating disorder, then they have the right not to, but…

I highly encourage everyone to watch this movie once it comes out because I enjoyed every minute of the 1 hr. and 47 min. film. I actually wanted to keep watching it because I laughed and cried too many times to count.

As Always,



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